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Inkjet Printer 12.7Mm Faster Drying 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Date/Qr Code /Label Printer Inkjet Machine USB Handheld Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer 12.7Mm Faster Drying 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Date/Qr Code /Label Printer Inkjet Machine USB Handheld Inkjet Printer

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1*Handheld Inkjet Printer(Our inkjet printer is not encrypted and can be matched with non encrypted ink cartridges)
N*Black Ink cartridge(We will ship according to your choice)
1* Stylus Pen
1* Charger
1* USB Cable
1* Metal Positioning Plate
1* Plug Adapter

Inkjet Printer 12.7mm Faster Drying 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Date/QR Code /Label Printer Inkjet Machine USB Handheld Inkjet Printer

Dear buyer, if you need colorful ink cartridges, please click below to buy:

1. 4.3 inch touch screen;
2. Display Support languages: Chinese, English;
3. Support direct import after editing on computer;
4. Support BMP format file import;
5. Built-in memory function of the printer.

Printer Technical Parameters:
Model: YDWN-T1
Input voltage: 100-240V 50Hz 0.8A

Touch screen size: 4.3-inch
Print height: 2-12.7mm(adjustable)
Display Support languages:Chinese,English
Print distance:2-5MM
Printing precision:600DPI
Printing speed:70m/min
Use environment: 0~40℃
Print content input: Machine writing or U disk import
Support import image format:BMP
Printer content storage function: Support
Print content fine-tuning: Support
Rechargeable battery capacity: 2800mAh
Printing content:QR code, barcode, BMP format picture, text, symbol, date, logo, etc.
Application:Carton, plastic bag, label card, IC / IP card, ceramic, glass bottle, wire, metal cap, etc

Ink Cartidge Technical Parameters:

Printing height: 2-12.7mm(adjustable)

Ink Type:Solvent fast drying ink

Capacity: 42ml

Color:Default black inks, If you need other colors, please pay the difference.
Number of prints:About 800, 000 characters

Precautions for use:

1. When loading and unloading ink cartridges, the inkjet printer must be turned off first.
2. If you do not use the ink cartridge for more than 20 minutes, please remove the ink cartridge from the machine and cover it.

Feedback And Dispute

Pls don't leave negative feedback or open dispute on the site before contact us by Message center or email ,we will help you to resolve the problem. Pls do not open dispute before contact us !

Invoices ,Refund ,Import fees , Tariffs , Value-added tax

1.Can provide invoices, if you need, please contact us anytime. 2.All product on sale don't include tariffs,It is the buyer's responsibility to pay import fees , tariffs , value-added tax. 3.Quality problems can be refunded during the guarantee period. If the product is returned due to the buyer's failure to clear customs, the buyer needs to pay import fees , tariffs Please understand your country's relevant overseas shopping charging policies before purchasing.

Q & A
1.Q: Why does the printer screen not work?
A: When you find that the screen of the printer is not working, please calibrate the screen of the printer.
For specific steps please consult customer service .
2.Q: Can the printer be equipped with photoelectric sensors?
A: Yes, our inkjet printer has an adapted photoelectric sensor. Please consult customer service before purchasing.
3.Q: Can the printer print on the bottle?
A: Yes, we will provide you with a metal positioning plate for free, For specific steps,please consult customer service .
4.Q: What should I do if the printer cannot print?
A: ①Check whether the timing belt on the left side of the printer is off (not in the groove).
②Check if there is ink in the ink cartridge.
③Switch the nozzle of the printer in the settings.
④ After turning off the printer, reinstall the ink cartridge.
5.Q: The ink cartridge of the printer can print, but the printing is not clear, what should I do?
A: ①Check whether the ink cartridge nozzle is clean and dry, and wipe the nozzle carefully with a clean soft tissue.
②Take out the ink cartridge when the printer is off, shake the nozzle down several times,
and stick a clean paper towel on the surface of the nozzle to divert the ink in the box.
③Switch the nozzle of the printer in the settings.
④The above operation still cannot be solved, please replace the ink cartridge.
6.Q: What should I do when there is a printer phenomenon of wire drawing?
A: The ink cartridge is quick-drying. When there is a phenomenon of wire drawing, please wipe the nozzle carefully
with a clean soft tissue and switch the nozzle of the printer.
When not using the ink cartridge, please install the cover in time.
7.Q: Can the printer be charged?
A: Yes. Note:
① Please remove the battery at the bottom of the printer and charge it separately to avoid damage to the printer.
②Please use our special charger to charge the printer.
③When the printer is stored for a long time and not in use,
it is recommended to safely charge and discharge it every three months.
For more questions, please contact customer service, we will provide you with all technical support!

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